FAQ College Admission

What services do you offer?

We assist you to get the seat in the college you chose.

How is the college admission procedures in Bangalore?

How long will it take?

What should be my budget?

Depending upon the ranking of the college the fee and rates are different please call us to know more.

Do you take any advance for the admission?

99% of the time we do not take any advance from you, but in rare cases, we if we need to secure the seat which is in high demand we take an advance.

Is there any guarantee for the admission yours side?

Will you help us secure educational loans?

We have sources who can assist you in getting educational loans.

Can you arrange accommodation and transport and do college visits?

Yes, we can, infant we can arrange all the transport and lodging as per your needs, we can arrange

Are there any benefits if you go for management quota or direct admission?

You can avoid the uncertainty and hassles of getting the seat in the college you chose.

Can you reduce the college fees?

No we cannot reduce the college fees its set by college management.

I am not eligible by the university can you still get me an admission?

No, we are sorry we won't be able to get you an admission if you do not meet the eligibility marks set by the university.

What will be the kind of expense in Bangalore for a year for a student?

Bangalore offers you a nice life with were you can live your student life with the very minimal expense of around Rs. 6000/per month or be depending upon your financial status can reach up to Rs. 20000/per month. (as on year 2019)